Become one with your potential and surpass your wildest dreams

Each TOTEM token within the LION PRIDE collection embodies a spiritual symbol, meticulously crafted to unlock the portals to your inner harmony.
Designed to unlock various cognitive processes such as idea generation, problem-solving, creativity, imagination, logical reasoning, and intuitive decision-making skills.
Concealed description, exclusive and meant solely for the owner's eyes. Aids in fostering thinking, conceptualization, creativity, and intuition.
Don't miss your chance and join us in exploring the endless possibilities of self-discovery.
your totem based on intuition
a team of experts in the field of psychology and the subconscious mind
Each TOTEM in the LION PRIDE collection possesses its own identity, distinct characteristics, and a concealed description tailored for the bearer.
Engage create new abilities and embark on a journey of spiritual growth with our one-of-a-kind NFT collection.
Created using technology and insights into the essence of human nature through artificial intelligence.
The quintessential Lion Pride Totem token for unlocking new dimensions of spiritual harmony today.
How do I choose my totem?
Logical thinking as the highest form of cognitive development is the result of a harmonious synthesis between them, is a compromise between assimilation and accommodation.
Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development
Studies of the principles of color psychology - Faber Birren and Angela Wright
Research by David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel
Ethe neural basis of the feature search mechanism.
Diagnoses by the method of Leopold Sondy
Explaining the hidden aspect of the human psyche, the psychological drives and tendencies that are within oneself.
Kempinski's socionics, Edmund Husserl's Femenology
C. Jung's concepts of analytical psychology
The influence of gemstones on the psycho-emotional state and intuitions of an individual
The basic concepts developed by Henri Bergson
Integral comprehension of reality by emotional-intuitive method
Dan Millman's work
Is numerology in the context of personal development and self-discovery.
We extend an invitation to participate in the research - to what extent the acquired insights have enriched your understanding of yourself and how much owners' achievement scores have advanced
As an owner of a TOTEM NFT, you become a member of the LION PRIDE TOTEM community
Our focus lies in building a community of proactive blockchain entrepreneurs, and initial collection membership will be confined to just 5,000 TOTEM NFTs. Members of the founding collection will enjoy exclusive privileges and additional opportunities to expand the project alongside our community. In this ecosystem, the unique traits of each LION PRIDE TOTEM can significantly enhance its value.
The design of LION PRIDE TOTEM is brought to life using AI, grounded in specially curated tasks by a team of experts in psychology and management.
The distinct attributes of each LION PRIDE TOTEM can significantly amplify its value
A LION PRIDE TOTEM owner will be able to create their own PRIDE pack for their community by taking advantage of unique discounts on cloning their TOTEM NFT. From the sale of each token from the new collection, the initiator will receive a royalty. Read the terms and conditions in the documentation.
The TOTEM NFT owner will be able to participate in the AIRDROP and BAUNTI programs of the LION PRIDE TOTEM community.
the conscious collectors' revolution
Rely on your intuition and select the TOTEM that resonates most from the two collections on It's the one that will bestow insights about yourself—how to refine your character, bolster your strengths, and uncover latent talents. These revelations are enclosed in the exclusive description for the possessor.
1. Select from collections
Team-initiated NFT TOTEMs can be received by community members who have contributed to propagating the LION TOTEM PRIDE concept. This collaboration is open to all who have registered on the whitelist and fulfilled tasks set forth by the project team. Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements regarding promotions via Twitter and Discord posts.
3. Receive the AIRDROP
The primary production of a segment of the LION TOTEM PRIDE collection will be orchestrated on our website. Opting for this method means a random selection of TOTEMs, one by one, as opposed to a choice driven by intuition and personal preference.

This way, you may acquire a token with varying degrees of uniqueness, yet one that destiny has allocated to you, potentially harboring even deeper wisdom than if chosen yourself.
2. Minting on our platform
NFT TOTEMs can be received from fellow community members as an invitation to join. Every LION PRIDE TOTEM owner will have the chance to request duplication of their NFT TOTEM and curate their personalized PRIDE set for their community. A segment of the tokens from the new collection will be accessible to whitelist members of said collection, while another segment will be under the possession of the parent NFT TOTEM owner.
4. Receive as a gift
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