Marketing initiatives are strategically developed to foster the growth and expansion of the Lion Pride Totem endeavor project.
Fostering Community
The project team diligently engages in community enhancement, primarily aiming to conduct in-depth research in the domain of personality psychology and business relationship dynamics. This exploration involves integrating community feedback to formulate an educational and earnings-oriented "learn-and-earn" framework.
Staking Rewards Pool
The allocation of Staking Rewards Pool will be proportionate to the uniqueness rating of LION PRIDE TOTEM.
A portion of 10% MATIC from the initial sales is set aside for the Staking Rewards Pool.

Moreover, 50% of the MATIC earned from secondary sales royalties is channeled into the Staking Rewards Pool.

The accumulated pool funds will be distributed on a monthly basis to the wallets of TOTEM holders who have contributed their TOTEM tokens to the Staking Rewards Pool.

Bounty Incentive Program
Each TOTEM token is eligible for participation in the Bounty Incentive Program only once!

Out of the sales proceeds, 10% of the MATIC is designated for a prize pool, which will be utilized for draws among TOTEM holders who fulfill specific bounty criteria. The prizes will be distributed among 1/10th of the wallets belonging to those who meet the criteria.

For the first 100 holders of Lion Pride Totem tokens, a 20% MATIC cashback is provided for all tokens earned via personal referrals through the program.
The next 200 Lion Pride Totem owners will enjoy a 10% MATIC cashback on all purchases recommended through referrals.
Subsequently, individuals meeting the terms and conditions of the Bounty Program will receive a 5% MATIC cashback on Lion Pride Totem purchases suggested through referrals within the program.

Invite a Friend Program
This initiative encompasses all Lion Pride Totem collections, including those created by the community. However, only Lion Pride Totems minted by the TOTEM project team are automatically validated for turnover.

This program caters to crypto enthusiasts spanning diverse domains such as trading, blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain gaming, NFT technology, and other sectors of the cryptocurrency realm. It's suitable for those with their own communities or bloggers with substantial subscriber bases.
Create your own collection
Customer of the new collection, actively aiding in the collection's promotion, gain a 20% royalty from the assets realized within the blockchain housing the collection. Additionally, a 10% royalty from the LION PRIDE TOTEM project team's earnings is granted.

*Details about the program are described in the white paper!

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