Every individual LION PRIDE TOTEM possesses its own distinct array of qualities and capabilities.
Allow your intuition to guide your selection of a totem
To effectively choose an image that mirrors the concealed inner realm of the future owner to the fullest extent, it is advisable to:
Gently peruse our varied collection of images while maintaining a tranquil demeanor.

Rely on your impressions and emotions regarding the most captivating ones.
Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding to select TOTEM
Recommended algorithm
for choosing your TOTEM
Experience the emotions
and pay attention to the details
Take notice of the initially unnoticed intricacies that have still managed to capture your attention.

Contemplate your thoughts on the character of the depicted Lion. Gaze deeply into its eyes.

Evaluate how harmoniously the image presents itself in comparison to others.
Just trust your intuition
What name would you assign to your favorite image?
And why?
*In our compilation, there exist TOTEMs with designated names, aligned with texts generated by artificial intelligence.
subconscious associations
Reestablish a connection with your emotions. Ascertain how well they synchronize with the chosen image, the subsequent one, or even the preceding one.

Each Lion showcases distinct patterns on its chest and head. Associate these with something analogous in your life, such as attire, fragrance, or accessories.

Each image is framed against a specific backdrop; reflect on the unity between the backdrop and the Lion, as it accentuates its Pride.
Take heed of facial features, skin tone, and beard structure. Visualize the selected Lion in a state of aggression.
The fortitude of the Lion resides in its bravery;

Lions are born leaders. Envision their conduct within the pride, their composed and authoritative demeanor, evident not solely in the minutiae.

Even the most minuscule details warrant observation. Interpret them through your unique perspective.

The singularity of each image is computed and presented in statistical form.
The enclosed description will enable you to delve even deeper into your inner world, forging a connection and accessing your latent reservoirs in daily life.
You are now prepared!
The moment has arrived to opt for your Lion Pride Totem!

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